Monday 25 June 2012

Would you do anything for me, buy a big diamond ring for me

As someone whose weight has fluctuated a fair bit over the years, I can confidently say I've been at both ends of the scale. I've been able to skip into Topshop and buy a size 10 without even trying it on, but equally I've been in countless times and not made it past the accessories section - you don't need to be skinny to wear amazing jewellery, you see.

My equally fluctuatey friend and I always say that girls who are conscious about their weight are always very well accessorised, and it's true - during those times when battling with a zip in the changing room seems like hell on earth, all my money has gone on jewellery, bags and shoes. I'm somewhere in between these days, but it's always resonated with me, and if I'm looking at a shop where the clothes may not fit me, I'll go straight to the accessories. Which is where I've spent the last hour or so perusing on the Simply Be website. Oh the shoes! Oh the bags!

Although they sell plus size clothes for all shapes, they also sell clothes in smaller sizes, too. And there's a dress or two I have my eye on, but today it's the accessories, not the clothes that I'm drooling over. SIGH.

Written in collaboration with Simply Be


  1. Oooh I love the bottom middle shoe with the stripey heel! Wow!


  2. THE LADYBIRD BAG. I need to have it. I have an obsession with ladybugs.

    You are right, we do tend to accessorize more! When the dresses get a bit tight and we feel a bit stuck for inspiration, we always turn to our favourite necklace or bracelet, it's strange but it works! x

  3. That owl bag is so adorable! :)

  4. That little backpack is so cute! I'm going to see Marina tonight. So excited, I can't stop pacing about. Your post title just mademe squeal x


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