Wednesday 16 March 2011

Magic's in the makeup.

I know, I know, it seems like every blogger has done the What's In My Makeup Bag post recently. So, I decided to put a spin on it and do... What's In My Makeup BOX. Totally different.

Although I'm a fan of fairly natural makeup, I do wear it pretty much every day, and really don't feel comfortable going up the shops without at least a slick of eyeliner. Which is awful, really, but on the rare occasions I don't wear makeup (especially eye makeup) I get people asking if I'm feeling okay. You will have to prise my kohl pencil out of my cold dead fingers before I give it up, for realz.

Anyway, I don't really use a makeup bag, preferring to just chuck my essentials in my handbag every day (concealer, eyeliner, powder). I do, however, have this super awesome makeup chest:

Scuse the mess of my shelves. I got this at a craft store a couple of years ago. I love it. It's pretty, a great size, and has loads of compartments. I love that I have an ENTIRE DRAWER for my eyeliners.

I know, I know, you want one now. Well, I googled for you.

Considering all the makeup pictured above, my makeup tends to stay the same most days. In the evening, I don't vary much - bit more eyeliner, maybe add some falsies. I have loads of coloured eyeliners and shadows and I've totally got out the habit of using them. Must get better!

I always start with eyeliner and mascara. Doing it last makes more sense to me, but then my fringe sticks to my eyelashes! It is the weirdest thing. The eyeliner I'm using at the moment is Natural Collection. I like the application because the brush is so skinny, but the staying power isn't ace. Gosh Extreme Art is fantastic (crazy waterproof) but I can't find it any more - I think it's been discontinued.

I was sent a new mascara to try a couple of weeks back, which is No. 7 Exquisite Curl. It's great for non-clumpy lashes, and has done a great job of making them curlier, but ultimately it has made me realise that what I really want from my lashes is to look fuller - I'm not that fussed about them curling. Before, I was using Collection 2000 Magi-Length. It is ace. And cheap.

I always prep with this mattifying balm from Boots, because I have an oily face. It means I'll age well though! I'm switching between two foundations at the moment - Stila, which is very heavy, so great for long days out and nights on the town - and is also running out, sadly - and Bourjois Healthy Mix, which is a lighter coverage. To be truthful, I am still on the hunt for the perfect foundation since Bourjois discontinued the Brush Foundation. I don't like the completely natural look - I need coverage!

Next up, two incredibly battered looking pencils. I use my makeup until it runs out! The concealer is, hands down, the best I've tried. It's by Urban Decay. Buy it - and it lasts AGES.

The kohl is Bourjois - I've been using it for over ten years and have never found anything I like as much. It's waxy, dark and stays on well. It smudges a tad though, because it is SO dense, so I always set it with a little mascara. I used to always think mascara on your lower lashes looked crazy chavvy (think Rose in Doctor Who) but I have mastered the art of doing it subtly.

I am a kohl addict, and always apply it to the inside rim of my eye. I remember hearing you're not meant to, but I do it anyway. This is an attractive photo, isn't it. EYEBALLS.

More Stila! I love their standard powder. I've started stocking up whenever it's on BrandAlley. You can also apply it with a wet sponge and it doubles as a foundation. Awesome.

I don't do much to my lips - if I'm looking especially pale I'll put a bit of Posietint on - the label has well and truly come off and now it looks like nail polish. I also never go anywhere without Carmex - I love the clicktubes but you can't buy them over here! I get my American friends to post them to me. :)

And I figure a couple of people will ask... my nail polish is Barry M!

And there you have it. My face. I hope this wasn't too dull - I'm not a beauty blogger by any means and as soon as I start talking about makeup I realise I don't know much about it!



  1. Thank you for googling the amazing make up chest! I do indeed want one!

    And I too rarely (read never) leave my flat without make-up, but I've reached a point where I refuse to feel bad about that. I look better with make-up, I buy it to wear it, and frankly, why shouldn't I want to look if not my best, at least human when braving the public?
    Each to their own, and my own includes a bit of basic make up!

  2. Great post sweetie - and love the chest, need one about 5 x the size for my make up though!! lol..

    Thanks for sharing xxx

  3. awww those drawers are adorable!
    I really like the design,
    nice post x

  4. Love those drawers! They are just adorable!

    The Barry M nail polish is gorgeous! I think I may have to buy some!

    I can never go out the house without eyeliner and a bit of lip balm...everything else I'm not too worried about!


  5. I have such a massive collection of Urban Decay eyelines in my drawer! I really need to get my glitter on more often!

  6. Wow- that is one hell of an eyeliner collection! My make up tends to stay the same too- and like you I depend on my eyeliner to stop people asking what's wrong. Sadly I don't have as many lovely colours as you, but i'm tempted to try some new ones now :) x

  7. I love having a nosy at other people's make-up collections! I use that No 7 base too, my skin still hasn't grown out of teenage shine sadly. x

  8. Ooh I like that chest! sadly I don't have enough make-up to make it worthwhile investing in one :(

  9. I love your makeup storage! :O I need to sort my own out actually, its awful, and full of old, dried up mascaras, snapped eyeliners (don't ask!) and other odds and ends. I'm a serial eyeliner gal too, I'd actually rather just wear eyeliner over mascara! xxxx

  10. You are so organised! I have a messy drawer that I can barely shut that I keep all of my make up in. I tend to carry a huge make up bag around with me because I press snooze on my alarm and don't have time to do my make up before leaving the house and I do it on the train. I get loads of funny looks! xx

  11. How pretty your face is, and your eyeballs are! haha!
    Great post, love seeing what others have in there makeup collection, I'm kinda boring & stick to the same kind day & night looks
    I'm liking the makeup box

  12. i love that mascara! :D
    Rosie xo

  13. HAHA! I really laughed aloud in the office at the EYEBALLS! comment. Yes, there they are, eyeballs in your face!!
    That make up box is lush! Glad you googled it.


  14. This Topshop semi-permanent eyeliner is AMAZE. Same staying power as the GOSH stuff but easy to get off!

    clicky clicky

  15. I love your face, particularly your eyeballs ;) I do tend to have the same look every single day but I do change it up with lip colours...I have been a bit lax with those recently though so I think I'm gonna jump back on the bright lips bandwagon :)

    Maria xxx

  16. That's where I wear my eyeliner too!! I don't like putting it underneath cos it seems to look too heavy on me.

  17. an entire drawer for eyeliner.

    i wish. that blows my mind!

    okay okay, so i already commented twice on your previous post, but i have more to say!

    i was away for awhile so i missed all of your recent posts. wah.

  18. i forgot my point : where i was they wouldn't let me wear makeup. is that not the meanest thing you've ever heard?

  19. mmm electric blue nails.

    Helen, X


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