Sunday 30 December 2012

Backpack, backpack.

You might have noticed, but I'm quite an obsessive person, and will basically fixate on something until I get it. That is probably how I ended up with so many dresses. But anyway - right now, my obsessive eye is focused on rucksacks. I know this is totally the wrong time of year to be thinking about it, but I'm already thinking about the summer, and my trip to Glastonbury (which I missed SO much last year!).

Having the right bag for a festival is so important - the last few years, I've taken a shoulder bag, and I always suffer by the end of the week with aching shoulders. There's so much you have to carry - water, those all-important emergency cans of cider and layers for later in the day. On my holiday earlier this year, I took a little Primark rucksack with me, and it made lugging my big old camera around so much more bearable! I just don't trust a Primark bag at a festival though, they're not made to last, and I know from experience that bags die at festivals. They do.

Now, although it seems like a weird time of year to be thinking about this kind of thing, it's actually sort of sensible as I keep spying rucksacks in the sales. I am a big fan of snapping stuff up when you see them and putting them away for when you need them. Here are some of the bags I've spotted, but do look in the shops - it's not online, but my local Topshop has a denim studded number in the sale for £25 that's making my credit card itch (the only thing that's putting me off is that it's not waterproof - it is for GLASTONBURY, after all...)

Glittery Rucksack - Aldo at ASOS
£25 (down from £48!)

White Leather Rucksack - ASOS
£36 (down from a whopping £120!)

Sabrina Rucksack in Black or Brown - Spartoo
£85.20 (down from £141.99)

Grey Studded Rucksack - River Island

Brown leather look rucksack - River Island 
(this is actually for men, but boo to that!)

Patchwork Rucksack - Urban Outfitters
£25 (down from £48)

Aztec Rucksack - Urban Outfitters
£25 (down from £48)

Leather Look Studded Rucksack - Urban Outfitters
£25 (down from £48)

Acid Wash Green Rucksack - Topshop

A list of rucksacks seems so much more practical than my usual wishlists, but sometimes practical is good. My dream bag is probably a leather one, because I know it'll be waterproof and last and last and last, but my bank balance is not so sure. Although, that white ASOS number up there is a total bargain for real leather, but is a white bag at a festival REALLY the most practical thing in the world? Oh, please. Help me decide!


  1. I'd go with a brown leather bag, it'll go with so much. I always take a backpack to festivals for the heavier things then I use a bum bag for money, phone etc. xxx

  2. I love how your illustrations are festive for the holidays! The little antlers are so cute :)

  3. I'm going to Reading this year, so I think I totally deserve a new backpack too. xx


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