Saturday 8 December 2012

Nail Art: Turning The Basics into the Awesomes.

Excitingly and terrifyingly, I am speaking at The Clothes Show this weekend as part of some activity that Echo Falls are doing. I know, right? Me, being all important and experty. It's weird. Anyway, it was pretty hard coming up with something to talk about, but ultimately I decided on doing some simple nail tutorials because it's easy, but it doesn't LOOK easy. Which, coincidentally, is how I've been described in the past.

I love some nail art, me, but as I'm sure I've mentioned before, I can't do the straightforward stuff. French manicures? Nope, you've lost me. But I can do a wobbly line or a polka dot, and I can turn those techniques into something cool. If you saw me at the Clothes Show today - HI! I hope I didn't suck. I pre-scheduled this so literally anything could have happened. If I turned into a dragon and set your hair on fire, then damn, I'm sorry. That hasn't happened for ages. So, if that happened, and you missed stuff, or in fact you did NOT see me at the Clothes Show but also love you some nail art, here's the gist of what I talked about:

Nail Art Tools
You can use dotting tools like these, from eBay, or nail art pens. I prefer the nail art pens, personally - you have more control, and can get more creative. Get these, from eBay - tons of colours for much cheaper than Models Own (sorry, Models Own! I love your colours!).

Basic Polka Dots
The good thing about dotting tools, though, is that you can mix and match with colours from your own collection. I recommend keeping the dots uniform, as they can get messy, really quickly. Three down the middle, two on either side. You can always add more later.

The dotting tools come in different sizes, so you can mix up the dot sizes for a different look. You can do this with the pens, too, just by squeezing harder or more lightly.

More With Polka Dots
Are you getting sick of me talking about polka dots? ME TOO. I mean, it's pretty simple. But look. The humble polka dot can do rather a lot more.

And if you master the wobbly line... WELL.

Cherry blossom tutorial here!

PS - I used false nails for these pictures because it's really bloody hard taking pictures of your own hands at the best of times, let alone with wet nails, but I don't actually wear false nails. In case you wondered.


  1. I like this, its a wonderful set of hints perfect for novices :D

  2. I looove the cherry blossom nails. I've been wondering whether to get some of these tools for a while! xo

  3. I love the cherry blossoms! Never tried those using my dotting tools but may have to sometime :) x

  4. The cloud ones are so pretty! Wish I had the patience/dexterity to try half those techniques : )

  5. I always thought I didn't have a steady enough hand for nail art, but you have made the clouds look vaguely achievable. Might be brave and give them a go... xx

  6. Ah these are so lovely! I think even I might me able to do these... xxx

  7. I love how easy you've made nail art! And that the post is humorous. These are great, thanks for sharing your tips x

  8. Great, and you make it look simple.
    Love the cherry blossom nails.


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