Monday 17 December 2012

Talk that talk.

I realised I never got around to talking about the Clothes Show Live after posting my nail tutorial! It was an awesome weekend - despite the fact that I felt physically and mentally ruined after an insanely social week, I had the best time. I even got the chance to buy cheap nail polish from Models Own, and a cute brooch from Tatty Devine. Yay! Shopping.

Oh, and I ended up on YouTube! After my first talk on Saturday, Echo Falls filmed it and popped it on YouTube. I must admit, it's totally weird seeing myself on film - I've never been a Vlogger and I'm not sure I'm about to start! But if you're interested on seeing my talk, take a look. Or just see it in the printed form here - I'm far more comfortable behind the written word!

The roving team from What I Wore Today were on hand to snap people's outfit, and I got papped on both days along with some of my fellow bloggers. My little talk even ended up on Yahoo! Such a weird feeling to realise people actually saw my little talk!

Aisling, Sarah & Ashley

What I wore:
1) Dress c/o Lovestruck | Cardigan - Dorothy Perkins | Necklaces - Accessorize | Brooch - Primark | Belt - Topshop | StylistClick Boots c/o Spartoo
2) Dress - Prodigy Red | Coat - Topshop | Belt, Boots, Jewellery as before

It was an awesome experience though, and I'm a little bit proud of myself for putting myself out there and doing something a bit scary like talking in front of a bunch of people. Do check out the other talks on YouTube - I LOVED Amy's!


  1. I can imagine it's weird seeing yourself on film but it's nice to see the person behind the blog after being a reader for a while :)

    I need to try my hand at easy nail art even though I am sure I will not be good at it haha!

  2. Love it! It must be weird seeing yourself on video, but I think you came across really well :) xx


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