Saturday 29 December 2012

Baby love, my baby love.

Hello! I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas! I spent mine with family, the highlight of which was having lots and lots of cuddles with my sister's new baby, Noah. I'm sorry if small children aren't your thing, because this post can very accurately be tagged as 'babyspam', much like last year's post about baby Cameron.

Anyway. This is Noah. I think he looks like a little baby turtle.

This is big brother Cameron, doing his best 'Up to something' face.
He's a dribble monster at the moment, but still pretty damn cute.

And big sister Ellis-Rose, who is getting prettier by the day.

My brother's lovely kids, Jonny and Elizabeth, who was loving her new Converse trainers (even if she did try and put them on over her own snazzy silver shoes)...

My lovely Granny with Noah, accessorising beautifully of course!

Mum and Noah...
...and Mum's other baby, Daisy.

Cameron, generously giving Daisy his toys. She's not sure.

In short, I have a really beautiful family.

(Yes, he's eating a coaster.)


  1. Gorgeous photos! I love the faces Noah pulls!
    I know the "up to something" face well, never trust that one.

    Jesss xo

  2. Oh God, my ovaries are screaming at me! *Loads up internet dating site* SARAH, WHAT HAVE YOU DONE? xx

  3. Ovaries are twitching...too cute!!

  4. Blinkin' adorable! You're a lucky auntie! Congratulations to you and your family. I really like the picture of your Granny with teeny Noah. My own Granny is getting fed up with there being no great-grandbabies on the horizon, and can often be found wistfully baby clothes and teddies in shops. No pressure then!

  5. Cute baby overload! Hope you all had a lovely Christmas :)

    Caroline x
    Caroline's Catwalk

  6. Your family are all so gorgeous! My best friend recently gave birth to a Noah too who is also extremely good for cuddles : ) Looks like you had a lovely Christmas x


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