Sunday 23 December 2012

Four ways to Christmas up your nails!

The one thing I've discovered about nail art is that if you're a blogger and you've invested in a couple of nail art pens, you're kind of blase about the whole thing. Because it's actually really easy when you have nail art pens, it's no big deal.


In the real world, the non-blog world, nail art is STAGGERING. People are like 'OH MY GOD YOU HAVE POLKA DOTS ON YOUR NAILS' and you are just like 'Er, yeah. No big deal. Stop staring at me like I invented post-its.'

Anyway, I love a theme, and, like, did you know that it's totally Christmas in two days? IT'S TOTALLY CHRISTMAS IN TWO DAYS. So, I've been Christmassing up my nails. I've already had two variations, and may squeeze in a third before the big day. Or, just skip straight to full on glitzy NYE nails. Whatever I do, it's clear that having unpainted nails at this time of year is unthinkable. UNTHINKABLE.

So, here are some simple tutorials so you can festive up your nails just like meeee:

This is so easy - red nail polish plus white wobbly tops equals Santa nails!

These are my favourites! I've had them on for the past few days and they're getting a lot of lovin'. They're the same basic template as Santa nails, you just need to do brown instead of red and add some little holly sprigs - and you have Christmas puddings!

The holly is much easier than you think, too, it's just a couple of short green lines plus a red dot. Hooray!

My white nail polish is terrible so I haven't tried these, which is a shame because HELLO ADORABLE. Just polka dots! Awww.

I wore these last week (you can see a glimpse of them in this post). I had snowmen on my thumbs and polka dots on the rest of my nails (plus some very wobbly snowflakes on my middle fingers - so wobbly that I am not including them here as they were terrrible).

The snowmen were pretty easy though! Just a long splodge, a round splodge, some spots for buttons and then scribble on a little hat. Awwww.

Oh, what are we going to do with our nails in January, guys? I can't go back to normal, I JUST CAN'T.


  1. Great post. I got many information from this thanks for sharing.

  2. Haha I can totally relate to the first paragraph, every conversation goes something like 'Who does your nails?....You do them yourself?...But how?...There are pens???...How do you do your other hand, are you ambidextrous?' No matter how critical I am of my nail art, someone will always find it amazing and super neat even when it isn't. I've attempted five different Christmas-themed designs at the moment, to me it looks like I did them at 1am yesterday but I'm sure others find it fascinating.


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