Monday 3 December 2012

Christmas Gift Ideas Week, Day 1: KIDS

I'M A CHRISTMAS EXPERT. I'm just going to throw that out there, right at the start, because I have Christmas DOWN, my friends. I'm all sorted, but are you? ARE YOU? If you are, ignore me, roll your eyes, but if not, listen up! I'm starting a week's worth of Christmas gift inspiration posts for you as of today, and I'm pretty sure I can sort you RIGHT out. In a nice way! Not in a violent way. That's not what I meant at all.

First up is kids. I have a TON of kids in my family because my siblings keep bloomin' having them. In fact, there should be another one arriving in my sister's household aaaany day now. Seriously. It's due a week tomorrow. (I THINK IT'S A GIRL! Everyone else thinks it's a boy but I am determined to hold my ground and if I'm right, IT IS IN WRITING.)

The thing I've realised with kids is that they actually don't mind how much money you spend on them, they just want something FUN. So I'm compromising this year by combining a useful gift with a fun, little one.

Useful gift - Converse! Converse are a great gift - they aren't too expensive and look adorable on girls and boys alike, but in a COOL way, not in a 'OH GOD MUM WHY DID YOU LET ME WEAR THAT' way. I'm getting my niece these polka dot trainers from Spartoo shoes. WISH they came in my size.

one | two | three | four

These little bits from dotcomgiftshop are guaranteed to keep the kids busy whilst the adults tuck into some mulled wine. Boy, I hope my nieces and nephews don't read my blog, or I am ruining EVERYTHING.

Little girls ALWAYS like make up, so a kit like this will make you the favourite for a while. Not so much with their parents and their sofa covers, but hey. It doesn't have to be costly though - one year, I got my niece a big makeup bag from Primark and filled it with bargain basement makeup and hair bits. Best. Gift. Ever.

Last year I got a lot of cute bedroom bits from Sass & Belle - especially great for the tiny kiddies who don't really care about toys and stuff yet. My sister loved these elephant bits for baby Cameron, and my older niece loved her cupcake bookends.

If you're buying for babies, heck, they don't care what they look like. So get them some hilarious t-shirts and outfits that look like animals and ignore that Converse comment above about 'OH GOD WHAT DID YOU LET ME WEAR'. Because what ELSE are their mums going to show off at their weddings?

one | two | three | four

Finally, a tiny bit of self promotion - but I gave my niece and my niece-in-law matching E necklaces, and they were over the moon. Pretty bits of costume jewellery are a great way of making little girls feel grown up without giving them something that will be disastrous if they lose it (and they did)!

Any awesome tips for kiddie gifts? GO.

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