Monday 24 December 2012

Just a little party girl.

Oh man, I kind of miss Friday Frocks. I like posting dresses every week! It gives me an excuse to buy more dresses! But... WAIT. That was a big part of why I stopped Friday Frocks. My poor, poor wallet. And so, I made a bit of a pact with myself that this year, for Christmas party season, I would exercise a 'Wear It Again' policy. And I did!

Our work Christmas do, for instance, I took the wedding outfit I wore in May out for another outing. I LOVE this dress. It's so pretty with the embellished waist, and has some clever corseting in the bodice. It's basically awesome. And pink! I do not wear a lot of pink, but you know what? I LIKE IT. I don't think it clashes with my hair, but it did clash with my inevitably red wine stained lips. I've only got into red wine this year (and in a big way) but man, I get the WORST red wine lips. I think it's because I have a giant mouth.

Dress - Warehouse (originally posted here) | Bow - Crown & Glory

Also! I went to these posh business awards with work - kind of a weird place to be, but fun! A LOT of hot men there. So typically, I ended up dancing with the middle-aged portly gentlemen because that is how I roll. (Seriously. This is why I'm single, I think.)

I rewore again, though, and brought out this black sparkly number - last seen at NYE. It's lovely and elegant, but with the black dress, demure neckline, hair donut and the gingerness, I kind of felt like Adele. Anyone else feeling it?

Dress - Oasis (originally posted here) | Jewellery - Topshop

THIS New Years, though, I'm breaking my rule, because I bought this amazing slice of blue sparkly amazingness the other day and I ADORE it. It is a beautiful cut and NOT A HIGH NECK! Hooray! Why are all dresses high neck these days? Look, FASHION, I have boobs and sometimes they would like some air. Just let my decollatage BREATHE, okay?

But yeah, it's pretty, and for a full-on sequin dress from the increasingly expensive Topshop, £59 is kind of a steal. Buy it, buy it now, and we will be as twins. TWINS! I got this Models Own nail polish at The Clothes Show and although it doesn't look like it in the photo, it is a PERFECT match for the dress. Hooray for matching!


  1. Love the pictures, you look like you're having fun! Also love the cut of that Topshop dress... I want one. xx

  2. The toppers dress is gorge and, you're right - the pink one does look good on you. Your hair colour is AMAZE!
    I too have just recently got into red wine and I am such a fan now. And my husband never fails to take the opportunity to laugh at my red wine mouth...

  3. That Topshop dress is gorgeous and SO SHINY!

    Maria xxx


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