Thursday 20 December 2012

I wish...

Sometimes I like to indulge in a totally selfish fantasy and imagine that I have a super rich boyfriend (or that I win the lottery, these two fantasies are interchangeable - sorry, lads) and compile THE ULTIMATE WISHLIST.

Of course, if anyone I knew actually bought me any of the pricey but amazing items on this list, I'd be somewhat horrified because... ouch. But, y'know, maybe one of THEM won the lottery. In which case, I just thought I'd, y'know, let them know what they could spend some of it on. Me!

Calvin Klein sunglasses from Red Hot Sunglasses
Despite being on my 30 Before 30, I am still without a pair of designer sunglasses. I love this retro pair!

Cambridge Satchel in Baby Blue
I've loved this bag ever since I saw it on Sarah - I am SO not a pastels girl but I'm in love with this!

Marc by Marc Jacobs flat shoes from Spartoo 
These are SO cute and even though they are topping the £200 mark, I am seriously considering them. THEY HAVE EARS.

Mulberry Trout Bag
Okay, okay. It's over £1000. But IT'S SO LOVELY.

Orla Kiely Dress from ASOS
This dress is perfect. The shape, the pattern, the collar... gorgeous!
I think I put a KitchenAid in every single wishlist I do, but I figure maybe it'll work eventually. They're only £300 odd. Bargain! And this one is PERFECT.

I'm not gonna lie, that was so fun although it has made me a little bit sad that I am not in fact a millionaire. What's your ultimate wishlist? Let's pretend we are millionaires!


  1. I love this post! I reckon I would only come up with things I want gradually after seeing them or researching, I know I want my own car and a kindle right now so those would be mine - for now. Oooh and an ipad and an Alexa Mulberry... Ok maybe I do have a list haha! x

  2. Those shoes really are awesome! I think the ear make them even cooler! I really love that dress too, it's stunning.

    Jodie xx | Future Freaks Me

  3. I wish I was a millionaire, these are lovely presents! :(

    Maria xxx


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