Friday 15 July 2011

All of the stars are fading away.

Oh, I love this dress so much. I wore it on Saturday while in the Isle of Wight, pottering about and enjoying the sunshine. Isn't it cute?

I got it from Primark last year, I think - I loved the colour, the shape and the fit, but it came with these hideous gold buttons that ruined it completely. So I removed them and did the only sewing I know how to do - sewing red buttons onto things. It totally transformed the dress, and now it gratifyingly gets lots of 'That's from PRIMARK?!' comments whenever I wear it. Which is always nice. Sorry, Primark. (But improve the quality of your clothes!)

Dress - Primark
Cardigan - Red Herring
Flipflops - Havaianas
Necklace - Topshop

Anyway, I kind of covered our little holiday in my last post, but I couldn't resist sharing more pictures. Everything is just so much prettier when the sun shines, isn't it? I loved all the beach huts - there was a beautiful beach about a minute's walk away from our caravan, and quiet enough that I could do cheesy outfit posing without feeling like a total douche. For a fashion blogger, I sure hate people seeing me taking photos.
Actually, the wind kind of ruined a lot of the photos, so I took a quick couple in our caravan, too. We loved our caravan. There was so much wine and biscuits and dip in it. It was amazing.

Thanks to my bestie Sha for taking the photos - she's becoming my unofficial photographer!



  1. Some amazing photographs, it looks like such a gorgeous place! The dress looks fab on you too:) x

  2. That's such a great dress- you look amazing in it!

  3. Gorgeous photos, the dress is lovely! (Insert obligatory PRIMARK?! remark here)

    Maria xxx

  4. Great photos Sarah. This late at night I need lots of images as words become a bit of a blur!

  5. I love the dress too! Your buttons are so cute and absolutely perfect for it.
    These pictures make me want to go to the seaside!

    Florrie x

  6. Awww such gorgeous photos and I LOVE what you did to the Primark dress, it looks so, so cute!


  7. Some amazing photos :) You look gorgeous in this dress!
    Love beach & seaside snaps- makes me smile


    2. BEACH.

  9. Ahh I love that gif! That dress is so lovely, I really need to practice sewing. I can sew on buttons but they usually fall off after a few days..need to brush up on my skills.

  10. Ahh I love that gif! That dress is so lovely, I really need to practice sewing. I can sew on buttons but they usually fall off after a few days..need to brush up on my skills.

  11. Ahhhh red and blue is my favourite colour combo! I just think it goes beautifully together.

    I went to the Isle of Wright for my year six trip and loved it. Keep trying to persuade my boyfriend to take me back. Trying to temp him with the IOW festival and stay over there for an extra few days in a nice hotel. The photos look fab!


  12. Those buttons just make the dress perfect! Such a little thing but I love the over all effect.

  13. That's such a cute dress. I'm not sure you'd approve of me - I took red buttons off a Matalan dress the other day. They're pretty but they just looked really out of place on it. I shall jazz up something with them instead.

    And how amazing are your photographs please? Love the one of the birds on the beach.

  14. Such a gorgeous dress. The little red buttons are so cute! x

  15. how have i missed your last two blog posts? your little holiday snaps are absolutely beautiful! xx

  16. I loved this post cause I'm from the Isle of Wight :D looks like you had a great time! x


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