Saturday 30 July 2011

Super Awesome OMG Giveaway Week (Day Six)

Aw, SUPER AWESOME OMG GIVEAWAY WEEK is nearly over. That’s upsetting. I’ve scheduled today’s blog, as I’m almost definitely fast asleep still. Let’s all cross our fingers and hope really hard that I don’t have the hangover from hell, shall we? I have to drive to Windsor in a bit, to see my sister’s new house, and we’re going out for lunch. She keeps telling me about the baked camembert at the place we’re going to, so it seems likely I’ll have that. Dippable cheese is like the holy grail of cheese, right? (Sssh – don’t tell Where Are My Knees!)

Anyway, while I’m eating the world to cure the after effects of sambuca shots, you wanna win some things?

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Today’s sponsor, Fossil, have some gorgeous stuff in at the moment – they’ve recently launched a vintage re-issued collection, and I basically want everything. I'd kill for that cheetah-print weekend bag. Or, at the very least, severely maim. Sigh.

Today, Fossil have given me this amazing leather clutch to give one of you. It's from the new collection and worth £70! I’m not gonna lie. I REALLY don’t want to give this away. I love it. But I just got a ton of presents, and I have lots of nice bags, so I’m not going to be selfish. Although... no. No. It's for you guys.


  • You must be a follower of this blog. Yep, I’ll be checking!
  • Include your email in the comment.
  • Giveaway will run for ONE WEEK, closing Saturday 6th August 19:00 GMT
  • Winner will be selected using
  • Worldwide entries welcome.
  • Winners will be announced Monday 8th August.


  • Follow this blog via Google Friend Connect or Bloglovin (please let me know which)
  • Leave a comment… telling me an anecdote. About anything. Surprise me. Oh and your email address
  • For an extra entry, either tweet or post to your blog something along these lines: Fancy winning a lush leather @fossil clutch? Enter @essbeevee’s giveaway at
    (if you tweet AND blog it – that’s two extra entries! But please note you must comment too.)
Good luck!



  1. OOOOOOOOOHHHH that clutch is divine. I have an addiction to bags of all kinds ;- )

    Wore a new bag purchase today. A double Utility Belt made from recycled leather. It was so 'handy' as it freed my hands up from having a bag on my shoulder while shopping at the Farmers Market.

    Anyway, I hope I get picked out.

    I have tweeted the link too. So fingers crossed for a win!


  2. Oooh enter me, please?
    Something about me...uhm, I was unnamed for the first two days of my life and ended up being named after the writer, Carla Lane.

    I follow on GFC, and my email is messycarla @


  3. pretty....Fossil's fast becoming one of my favourite accessory lines, they're doing some gorgeous stuff lately!

    I follow on both sites, have tweeted/blogged, yada yada...sure this is getting old after a whole week of me entering your giveaways! But the fact they've all been amazing prizes certainly doesnt help!

    So, anecdote you say? Well, I could tell you about the time I went to a zoo and got peed on by a Lion. Or the time I sat on a plastic patio chair on a raised edge, and my weight caused the legs to splay out and I went flying backwards. Or even the time I went to the supermarket when it was raining, walked in the door, and went flying over the carpet that was put there to wipe your feet.

    But I wont. Instead I'll tell you the not so little known fact that I was born with six toes on my left foot...the fourth and fifth were joined together and the sixth was over the top starting from the bottom right hand side of the fourth and crossing over. See,I need fabulous bags to take away from the fact I very rarely can have fabulous shoes!

  4. NOM. 2bh Sarah, I wouldn't even judge you for keeping it yourself, but y'know, if you do end up leaving it here then please enter me :P
    Hmmmm, now for something interesting...I can count to ten in Japanese?! I know, I'm a boring person.

  5. Oh for the love of god, sorry hun, forgot my email:

  6. Ooh, please enter me. An anecdote? Hmm. I'm finding this very hard, which is ridiculous! I didn't meet my uncle (my dad's brother) until I was 11, or any of that side of the family, because him and my dad weren't talking for NO REASON. Sometimes I think they just had a sulk on for no reason. Anyway, I love this bag and would love to win it!

    I follow on GFC and my email is x

  7. Hi Sarah! I follow by GFC and my e-mail is

    Something about me? I put on a sniffle when answering the door to the postman in my pj's because he was giving me strange looks for still being in them at this time of day.

  8. Oh my god that clutch is perfect!

    Trying to think of an anecdote off the top of my head is really hard! I have an obsession with Scrabble. It's not normal. I am entirely in love with it, no idea why. I'm also very competitive!
    Sirens and Bells

  9. i'd love to enter :D
    i'm a follower via GFC :)
    my email is

    Rosie xo

  10. im also going to tweet! my tweetie is @roseanneamy

    Rosie xo

  11. For my last birthday, my aunt gave me a handbag (she knows I love bags!). But it was hideous. It was a small, bright pink leather one with pink snakeskin patches. I couldn't bear to tell her I didn't like it!

    This purse is gorgeous though, I'd love to win. I follow on both sites, tweeted (@SarahColeman) and posted on my blog.

  12. Anecdote... okay.... here goes... Unusually for a Scottish lass I slip into a posh English accent or a Southern accent, I have no control over it... slightly confusing for the people I'm talking to...

    that clutch... omfg! want want WANT!!

  13. I love this Fossil leather clutch! Thank you for the giveaway!

    I follow you on GFC as Kris Beauty

    I follow you on Bloglovin'

    I tweeted about this :!/Kris_Beauty/status/97282498710605824

    Email :

    An anecdote? I've read a funny Nicole Richie quote in a magazine the other day. It was something like this: "The early bird might catch the worm, but I bet it also needs a ton of under eye concealer" ... so true :))

  14. Um, anecdote. Hmmm. This one time, I found a dinosaur fossil in the park. I was 5 years old, and nobody believed me.

    (Follow with google)

  15. Fossil have really revamped themselves recently, everytime I'm in St Pancras I drool over the bags! I want that cheetah bag toooo.

  16. Ooo, amazing. Fossil bags are gorgeous.

  17. That is such a stunning bag! I'm a follower on bloglovin, and my email is

    As for an anecdote? Ok, here's an embarrassing one (those are always the best!) a couple of weeks ago I bought a beautiful new floaty midi dress. Floaty and lovely I pranced down the road feeling oh so pretty... Until a large gust of wind blew my skirt Right. Up. Over. My. Head. And the entirety of Pendleton Road, just outside Euston Station, have now seen my knickers.

    Thank you and goodnight!

  18. I haven't left a comment on your blog before as I am a fairly new reader so to have "Comments make my day :) I love you." as a greeting made me smile. So thank you.

    Right, I have retweeted the link so yay for me. I also follow you on Google Friend thingy ma-bobby.

    Ok, anectode time...last summer I went to America to stay with my cousin and her parents and we went to Red Robbin (it's a burger chain), they offer free refills on your fries with every burger and I also ordered an onion ring really was a tower. It had 28 onion rings on a stick and it was amazing in every way, shape and form.
    I took a photo of it = food dork.

    Btw, I think I have the perfect set of bank cards for that fossil purse.
    My email is

    And my blog is on Wordpress so here's the link

  19. Love the clutch, so beautiful. I follow on GFC and my email is
    An anecdote...I was walking home from the library last week and a homeless man on The Strand came up to me and started trying to offer me some food that he was eating and had found in a bin. I hope it was his way of trying to chat me up and not that he thought I was homeless (I don't look my best after 10 hours in the library and did have a massive bag with me...)

  20. following your blog via googlefriend connect!

    anecdote: i can't walk and drink at the same time...

    hahaha... i hope i win this! thanks for this great giveaway! <3

  21. Following on GFC
    i don't know what an anecdote is haha!

    Gemma x

  22. This comment has been removed by the author.

  23. This is so lovely! (i follow you on GFC)

  24. oh wow that bag is amazing! I would seriously love to win it! I follow on bloglovin.
    As for an I was little I accidentally sat on a bee. Yes it's as ridiculous as it sounds! I'm no longer afraid of them!

  25. oooh, just realised I left my email address off, oops!!

  26. wow this is a lovely giveaway!
    I follow with GFC.
    my email is kirstydotburton @

    hmmm finding it very hard to think of an anecdote. one of the best things ever to happen to me was a little girl pointing at me and giving me the cheesiest grin ever right after i dyed my hair pink. made me so happy!

  27. i play the ukulele, and one time me and my friend went busking in town with it... we got nothing, apart from a few weird looks.

    i follow by GFC :D

  28. This comment has been removed by the author.

  29. Anecdote...perhaps when I realised what I was getting into with the boyfriend when he was over an hour late for a date, and didn't call. I was so worried that he had had an accident, so I eventually called (I waited to not seem like such a crazy girl) and found that he was in Dixons buying a Wii on an impulse. I wish he would impulse buy Mulberry handbags.

    hi (a)

  30. Here is an anecdote which I think well represents how silly I am, tonight I tried to pretend to throw an oversized bottle of ketchup at my friend but I dropped it on my toe and now I am minus one toenail.

    strawberrysatine (a) hotmail (dot) com


  31. I'm following you via Bloglovin and my email is

    Bloody gorgeous clutch, *wants* in a serious way!

    Okies, anecdote...I worked in HMV once and served Nicky Wire from the Manic Street Preachers. This is cool. He bought a Rolling Stones album on vinyl. This is also cool. I did not swipe the security tags on the album so as he left the store, the alarms went off equally much mortification for myself and said celebrity. This is not cool.

    Amy x.

  32. Hey, I follow, and my email is

    You ready for this? I can blow air out of my eyeballs. It's really true.

    Danni x

  33. Hahaha I liked confusedbrit's anecdote the best :) I once met billy boyd (my most favourite hobbit of all) in work. I had a walkie talkie headset on and he must have thought I looked important (LOL) and he asked me where the toilets were. I was too scared to say I didnt know, so I pointed him down the corridor, and quickly ran in the opposite direction (past the toilets, I discovered) before he turned around and realised I'd sent him the wrong way. Haaaaaa :) Anyways, fossil has THE most beautiful things everrr! Enter me please? Hope you had the drunkest birthday! I love cheese too! xx

  34. I follow via tinker_bell1990 and have tweeted from @Charli008
    thanks x

  35. What an awesome prize! Not surprised you didn't want to give it away! A little anecdote - ooh, well I have had a serious of work-related wardrobe disasters over the last few weeks, the worst of which was that I emerged from the ladies loos with my dress tucked in my tights - which wouldn't have been thaaaat bad except for they were tucked in at the front. And the tights were quite opaque. And I have to walk past the Chief Execs desk to get back to my desk. *Dies of shame*.
    (Why I picked that story I don't know!) My email is and I follow via GFC.

  36. Ohh this giveaway is amazing! Actually, my purse is actually falling apart but I can't find the perfect one, so maybe this is the answer?! Its goooorgeous. I don't have any anecdotes to tell because my life is boring hahah! xoxo
    I follow via GFC

  37. An annecdote eh?
    Yesterday I was walking through town and saw a girlwith a really cute vintagey bike wearing polka dots and headscarf. How cute, thought I. BUT THEN I noticed that she had a little rabbit in her bike basket, it had a little collar on! So. cute.

  38. Hi! wonderful giveaway! An anecdote about myself.. well I'm 25 and cannot sleep at night if I don't have a particular soft toy (which I called Machu Pichu bdw)!

    I am a follower through GFC yana_mifsud,

    am a follower on twitter through yanasdollhouse

    and tweeted

    thank you :)


    I follow on GFC I think.

    An anecdote? A little difficult when you may well know all of them. However, when I was a child, I used to line up my teddies (and my poor younger brother) and take the register and teach them maths.

  40. I follow via GFC as Joy.
    An anecdote... I got hit on by a guy while I was having lunch with my mum and sister. He got the waitress to bring over his number on a napkin and to ask if my sister was my child (My sister is 3). I was so embarressed! Lol.

  41. GFC'd (~dab)

    Anecdote? I sleep with a nightlight... I cannot sleep in the dark. I also have extras in my suitcase for when I travel.


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