Tuesday 5 July 2011

Well, I just dance the way I feel.

I’m not remotely musical myself – I’ve witnessed abject terror on the face of karaoke audiences in the past, but I listen to a lot of music. Probably my favourite thing about my iPhone is that I know I always have it with me, which I especially love in quiet hotel rooms. Adore those little speakers.

My friend remarked, though, that every time she sees me, I have a new pair of headphones. This is because they don’t last long. I tend to tread on them or leave them somewhere. Or, out of desperation, I buy them from the pound shop and am then surprised when they break after two days. Or, I buy incredibly uncomfortable ones. Although the in-ear ones are best for noise cancelling, they irritate the skin of my ears like crazy and I can’t bear them for long. So I was already debating asking for some over-the-head ones for my birthday, when Emily from Hed Kandi emailed me, asking if I wanted to try out their new range.


How cute are they? I love the colour, and they’re so comfortable – cosily fitting over my ears without being too hot and constrictive. And the lead is non-tangle which is GENIUS – when I think about the hours of my life I’ve spent untangling headphones! The sound quality is really great too, crystal clear, but not so loud that you couldn’t hear someone warning you that a piano is about to fall in your head. So I spent a lovely couple of hours on Sunday sitting by the river in my parents' garden, listening to The National (their latest album High Violet - a name quite apt for the colour scheme, although it is my go-to album at the mo!).

There’s a fab new range on the website in lots of different colours, and all really reasonably priced too. I highly recommend. What are you listening to right now? My July playlist is, as ever, an eclectic mixture of old favourites and new discoveries, with some Glastonbury nostalgia thrown in. Here's a link... 

Dress - Warehouse (featured here)
Nails - Barry M "Berry"
Headphones - Hed Kandi


  1. ah, they're so cool! your nails are unbelievably cool aswell.


  2. not only are these absolutely gorgeous but you have accessorised amazingly well!!! :-)

  3. Great headphones. My daughter would love them.

    X x

  4. They look so lovely and lightweight, I've needed/wanted a new pair of headphones forever, might just invest when I have some more money. Your dress is so nice as well! XO

  5. loving ur pics in this post - tempted by purple headphones :)

  6. Love the dress.

    C x

  7. Ugh - I have the exact same problem. I leave them in my bag and they turn up with the wire not quite in the earphone, and then they do that irritating fuzzy noise *sigh*, you'd have thought I'd learn.... On another point, I love the print on your dress! x

  8. I'm a huge music fan as well. I love my Hed Kandi headphones as well. You chose a gerat pair. Love the colour.

  9. I really need to invest. Now I am communuting I am constantly listening to my iphone. My poundland ones are not that great surprisingly!

  10. Love the way you've matched your nails to them! And the fact that you're sat by that lovely river. Call me stupid (please don't) but what is non-tangle and how does it work??

  11. Gorgeous headphones! I love the colour you picked!


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