Wednesday 20 July 2011

Lace and whisky.

(I promise I was actually wearing clothes in this pic!) 
When I was planning my trip to Italy, I had planned all along to wear the gorgeous silk number I featured a couple of weeks ago. The only difficulty was that it was an extremely strappy number, and the addition of a nice thick bra strap would have just ruined it entirely.

I’ve tried strapless bras in the past, and to be honest, they make me cross. The only girls who seemed able to wear them are the kind of girls who could probably get away with going bra-less! Pointless! 

 So, I started complaining about it on Twitter. A few people suggested bras that could actually defy gravity and keep larger boobs hoisted, and I came up with the idea of doing a bit of a feature on it. I did what I’ve never done before and approached some brands, asking if they’d be willing to get involved, and had so much help and support – my mum thought it was hilarious how many parcels of bras kept coming through the door.

Huge thanks, first of all, to the brands who helped me out – Wonderbra, Simply Yours and TightsPlease. Although they sent a selection, everyone suggested the Wonderbra Ultimate Strapless as one I might want to try, and there’s a reason why all three brands were promoting this bra so heavily – IT IS ACTUALLY AMAZING.
Yep, my stomach looks like that in my Wonderbra, too.

 When I’ve worn strapless bras in the past, they’ve either given no support, or have been so uncomfortable that by the end of the day, I’ve got a red-raw back and been dying to get them off. The Wonderbra Ultimate Strapless didn’t do this at all. It gives incredible support, and is really comfortable. I wore this to the 80s party and under both outfits at the wedding. It’s amazing. It actually has metal supports within the cups so it’s like a pair of hands pushing you up. So clever! I would recommend it to anyone. I was going to try and present an unbiased review, but it’s such a clear winner, I can’t not rave about it. It goes up to a back size 38, and a cup size F, which is better than a lot of high street brands. I know, there will still be some ladies who can't wear it, but hopefully Wonderbra will listen to our pleas and bring out a larger range. (Pleeeeease?)

 I tried some great multi-way bras too though – these Gok Wan bras from Simply Yours are so comfortable and soft, and unlike a lot of strapless bras, work really well just worn as a normal bra (they're not actually suitable to wear strapless). And this simple black balcony style bra from TightsPlease was brilliant for those awkward dresses that always show half your bra - I love the shape and it's such a bargain!


 If it's something that interests you guys, there may be more bra reviews in future – although I’m not changing over from the world of fashion blogging to lingerie, we never really talk about the support we wear under our clothes, and it’s something I really struggle with. I HATE bra shopping and there’s no reason to – it’s a really important part of fashion and something that we tend to ignore. And as wearing the wrong bra can lead to back problems and all sorts, I’m determined to get better at buying the good ones. 

With brands like Bravissimo catering specifically for larger-chested ladies, there's a lot more choice out there now, and I think it's great. Bravissimo, actually, are bringing out a special strapless bra soon in addition to their current range designed for ladies of all sizes, I can't wait to try it! But over to you. What do you think? Have you tried anything amazing and revolutionary in the world of bras? What do you recommend? Are you going to try out any of my gravity-defying recommendations? I'd love to know your thoughts.


  1. Thank you so, so much for this post! I've been looking for a half decent strapless bra for what feels like forever, and just end up upset with 'regular' ones that don't work. Definitely going to have a look at that Wonderbra one now, the 'hands' look genius! x

  2. Sounds great I definiely need an upgrade! Though the colour options are somewhat lacking, both options are 'nude' but that is nowhere near my skin tone. They need to make a black version asap!

  3. Love this post! I haven't worn a strapless bra for years as I find them so uncomfortable. I never even consider buying strapless/halter dresses as the thought of having to wear a strapless bra with them is just too awful to contemplate! I definitely want to try the Wonderbra Ultimate Strapless now, sounds amazing and it's really pretty compared to most strapless bras. x

  4. Am loving the sound of this Wonderbra! bloody hell, I need hands pushing mine up sometimes so this sounds genius! x

  5. The wonderbra one looks soo pretty, i want it!!!



  6. Ahh they do 30 in the back too! I am amazed. So many brands don't, just start at 32 or 34. I may have to invest in one of these next time I need a new strapless bra.

  7. Haha, you did use that photo!

    I usually can't bear strapless bras. They feel horrible and my boobs always look awful in them but perhaps this might be the winner.

    *adds to the shopping list*

  8. I can't remember how I came across it but the Invest In Your Chest blog ( ) is full of lovely bras for larger sizes being reviewed, plus associated things like clothes for curvier ladies and a thing called a kush which one puts in ones cleavage at night for comfort! It's certainly been an enlightening read, even for someone who used to work in a lingerie department :)

  9. Thanks for this, I can't wait to get the wonderbra one and finally be able to go strapless again!

  10. I am going to definitely try this out!

    Maria xxx

  11. I deal with bra problems every day, I work at La Senza! La Senza's strapless range is pretty good, too. They've got great bras for full support.

    x Michelle |

  12. Ooh thanks for this post, think I may have to try this bra. I find my lack of being able to find a suitable strapless bra holds me back from buying certain outfits!xx

  13. I am so happy about this post, I cannot believe no one has done this before. on behalf of the blogging world I want to give you a big HUG! I am going to get this bra now x

  14. i am going to run out and get this bra. looks amazing & comfy. i am in dire need of a strapless. & you look stunning in the dress. :) thanks for this great post.

  15. Thank you for this post! I've been looking for a strapless bra for a while, but so many look uncomfortable - or only go up to a D/DD cup, v. annoying. Bloggers do tend to ignore bras, but as you said, they are very important! xx
    Sirens and Bells

  16. see, I struggle because I've the *opposite* problem to most people - I'm only a B to C cup, but my back is between a 42 and a 44....plenty of places such as Bravissimo and many, many others, do a large back size, but only in a D cup and above...if they do a large back but small cup, its nearly always in the plainest of patterns, and damn it I want pretty lingerie!

    I get stuck with either Evans (which is too expensive in my view for the quality of the bras) or Asda, where the quality's about the same, but cheaper. If anyone has stumbled upon somewhere that does a full range of large backs in every since rather than a selection, I'd most welcome the suggestion!

  17. I will have to check out the wonderbra some time. I can hardly ever get a strapless bra to work. I usuall end up having to wear two -- one with a cup and a banadau elsastic one over that.

    I am a 36DD and unless you want to go with an ugly old lady style bra, it is hard to find anything in this size.

    It is easier to find big cup sizes in with the bigger band measurements. But in a 36 or 34 it's not easy at all!

  18. Thanks for this post! I hate bra shopping, such a nightmare to find a style and size that fits right, never mind that it looks nice too! I normally avoid dresses that are halter neck or have no straps for fear of the dreaded strapless bra, but the Wonderbra strapless sounds great! I may have to go and hunt one down :) xx

  19. I have arthritis in my shoulders which is aggravated by my bra straps, but I have never, ever found a strapless bra that supports my natural 36 FF/G boobs, and finding anything that might is a wonder.. I shall have to investigate further... as the only way I've ever avoided straps is with a metal boned corset.. not terribly practical all the time!


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