Friday 8 July 2011

Putting holes in happiness, we'll paint the future black.

I always think, when I look at my wardrobe, that it doesn't look particularly huge. Yet here I am, week after week, pulling out different dress after different dress. I have to say, though, that when I was moving my things over from the old house to the new one – yeah, there are a lot of clothes. Bit of a shopaholic, me.

This dress isn’t new, though – in fact, it’s something of an old faithful that got relegated to the back of the wardrobe when it developed a giant hole next to the zip. But I finally sewed it up this week, and voila – as good as new! (Note the lack of closeup on the stitching – I am TERRIBLE at sewing.) I’m glad, because it’s such a nice little number for work, especially for warm days. Which is why I wore it yesterday, when it was FREEZING for most of the day!

It’s actually the dress that persuaded me it was okay to start wearing dresses to work. A couple of years ago, it seemed that dresses had their place, and it wasn’t in the office. But this – pretty, but also a little formal – just seemed so well suited for work that I threw caution to the wind and wore it. And of course it was fine. This was shortly after I’d made the pact with myself to wear more skirts, which turned into wearing ONLY skirts, which turned into wearing pretty much only dresses! It does seem like a lot more people wear dresses to work these days – especially in my office. I like to think this is solely down to me.

Although this dress is 2 or 3 years old now, I still hunt in Matalan every time I go in for something similar. It’s such a lovely, classic cut – I’d buy it in a million different colours if I could.

Dress – Matalan
Shoes – New Look
Necklace – Topshop
Nails – Barry M “Berry” (insanely chip-proof!)

I cut my fringe back in this week too, after getting so irritated with it being at that annoying grown-out stage. I don't think I did a bad job, actually - although I'm always terrified that I'm going to take a chunk out of it!

Have a great weekend, everyone – I’m currently on my way to the Isle of Wight with my BFF for a couple of days of sun, sand and sparkling wine. I’ll be sure to report back next week...


  1. i love the way your accessories match your hair! you're so gorgeous xxx

  2. Ok, officially my favourite Friday Frock? I think so!

    I am very disappointed to hear you say it's an old faithful because if it was new I would be buying it asap!

  3. This dress is lovely, I'm glad you managed to repair it! I love the shoes with it too :)

    Maria xxx

  4. Oh that is one lovely frock. I really like the length too. Most places seem to be cutting their hems mid thigh length (*squints at New Look*) so it's really nice to see something a bit longer.

  5. so pretty <3
    I love the colour of the dress.
    I think I've got better with my clothes, I swear I used just have EVERYTHING in my wardrobe & buy such a stupid amount. I now still have a fair amount, but I know I will wear it all

  6. this is so beautiful, and the shoes are out of this world!

  7. Absolutely sums up my packing- I was like "WHAT IS THIS?!?!! WHEN DID I BUY THIS?!?!? AND WHY DO I HAVE SO MUCH CRAP?!!??!!?!?!" Horrendous! xxx

  8. If I closed my eyes and imagined you wearing a dress (without being a total creep) it would be THIS very dress. It is so you.


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