Tuesday 20 November 2012

Among the stars.

As I mentioned yesterday, I’ve been hard at work over the last week, jazzing up my Etsy shop, Benita Blue. I’ve added lots of new stock which is great for me – loads of new bits to add to my own jewellery collection! I’ve been living in the bracelets, especially the one below.

I’d love it if you popped over and had a peruse – there is a huge selection of products now (I just hit the big 50!) and I’ve done my best to keep the prices low... hopefully to aid in your Christmas shopping a bit!

If you’re thinking of making a purchase, you can get 10% off before 15th December by using the code ESSBEEVEE (just enter at checkout). 

Oh, go on.

"Little Owl"

"Reindeer Games"
(matching necklace available too!)

"Giver of Stars"

"A Ribbon at a Time"

"A Ribbon of Moonlight"

"The Fall of the Leaf"

"The Moon was but a Chin of Gold"

Do let me know if you decide to buy anything – and if you have any ideas for more variations I could do! I make everything by hand, to order, so I can do all sorts of fiddling.


  1. Oh I love those owl earrings so much, it's times like this when I wish I had my ears pierced!

  2. Ahh love that star bracelet. Heading over to your shop now to peruse!

  3. Wow everythings so cute! :) x

  4. This is such a beautiful way of shooting jewellery xx

  5. There are so many things I love in your shop, but have no money until pay day =[


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