Sunday 4 November 2012

Get your coat, you've pulled.

I popped in to see my parents on Saturday and took the chance to photograph my new coat. There are loads of places in the quiet village they live in to take photos, but when I lived with them, I always opted for the easy option and took outfit pics in the garden. It is a very NICE garden. But even on a sunny Saturday, the meadow at the end of their lane was totally deserted - I felt a bit silly that I'd never ventured up there with my tripod before.

I'm fussy with coats. This year, everything in the shops seems to be double breasted, and I loathe double breasted coats as they don't flatter my shape at all. There are some shops that are better than others for me-friendly coats, but I was actually surprised to see two that I liked in Topshop. I marched to my local store with the intention of buying this black hooded coat, but as soon as I tried on this military inspired green coat, it was love. It's not what I'd usually go for at all, but I'm a sucker for green with red hair (even fake red, like mine!).

I got my poppy from The Poppy Shop because every year I either completely miss my chance to buy them or I buy them and they fall off my coat instantly and get trampled. This more permanent option is perfect, and all proceeds still go to the Armed Forces. If I wear it again next year though, I'll have to make sure I still donate, of course!

Finally, I tried to do one of those shots where you put the camera on delay and run as fast as you can, but my camera only has a 2 second delay and I did not get very far.

Coat & Hat - Topshop | Dress - River Island | Meline Flat Shoes c/o Spartoo Shoes


  1. The green looks lovely with the red dress and shoes. Very nice :) I have a real poppy brooch too, a hand crafted one though and the lady donates part of the price to the royal legion. I like it so much I'll have it on all year around though I think!

  2. AWWW I love the last picture!! The coat is perfect for you xx

  3. Great choice, I really like the coat you've picked and it really suits you!

  4. I think this coat is perfect for your figure, as like you say a double breasted one is just going to flatten your boobs (never a good ooh). I love that it has a skirt like bottom to it, and I adore this shade of green xxx
    P.s That is such a lovely poppy xx

  5. Gorgeous photos!
    And I love the poppy, great the money still goes to a great cause and also agree that it's a bit more sturdy.

  6. This coat is lovely, the colour is gorgeous! The poppy is cute too, I am tempted by its sparkly goodness!

    Maria xxx

  7. Love this coat! I have one very similar, I love the military green with my red hair too. You look gorgeous!
    Thanks for reminding me I MUST get a poppy. xx

  8. I love that coat! I never thought about a green one before, but it is lovely!

  9. You're too beauiful! I love that coat xx

  10. I love the coat and the brooch. I can't keep a normal poppy on for 5 minutes for the life of me! xx

  11. I saw loads of coats in topshop I wanted but they were all dry clean only and there's no where in my town to dry clean! Do you dry clean them or can you just hand wash them or something?? Random question I know.

    1. I think most coats are dry clean only! Unless you are especially stinky, you really only need to get them cleaned once a year or so and lots of supermarkets and newsagents run dry cleaning services (where they send them away) - I'm sure you'd be able to get it done.


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