Sunday 18 November 2012

Leave your parcel at the front door and run away like you did before.

My poor little baby nephew has been poorly this weekend, so I've been spending some quality time with his big sister instead. She's the best. :) I've also been doing some serious Benita Blue preparation today (more on that in the next few days!) which involved taking pictures outside, and gosh, I'm still cold. I'm going out shortly to watch the Christmas lights switched on and I'm putting it off for as long as possible. SO COLD OMG.

What I HAVEN'T been doing this weekend is Christmas shopping - and this is one of those confessions that will no doubt have many of you all flinging rotten tomatoes at your computer screens - because I'm nearly done with Christmas presents. I've ordered a whole chunk of them, I've wrapped a few of them and the ones left... well, I know exactly what I'm getting for them. I'm obsessively compulsively organised this year, and I flipping love it.

Every year I do my little list - oh, who am I kidding, it's a SPREADSHEET - and I get through November with good intentions, but then December hits and I'm panic buying like nobody's business. I have a large scattering of friends in England and abroad, so that's one of the reasons I'm trying to get organised. So many of them have to wait until January for their gifts because I'm just rubbish at getting them out soon enough, so this year I am ON IT. On it like Sonic.

I mostly just wanted to show you the awesome package I'm sending to my Italy travel buddy, Cat:

Er, yeah. When she stopped off in the UK on her way back to the States, I kind of accidentally got her addicted to peanut butter kitkats, so this is sort of the perfect gift. I've been using Parcelforce more and more lately because I think it gives more peace of mind that packages are actually going to GET there, and they're a lot more trustworthy than certain OTHER courier companies (the ones that don't see anything wrong with lobbing packages over the 7 foot high garden gates).

I still have a bit more to do, but it's all online shopping and I can do it FROM MY BED. Woo. How are you doing on the Christmas front?

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  1. How cute does your niece look in her hat! I've nearly done all my shopping, too. Hive fives to the organised!


  2. Aww hope your baby nephew gets better, oh a nicer note that parcel to your italian friend is awesome! Hope they'll like it!
    Daisy Dayz

  3. Peanut butter kit kats are amazing! And on the Christmas front, I'm in denial until December 1st :) x

  4. Peanut butter kitkats are so darn good - as are the chunky white choc ones, if you haven't tried 'em! I gingerly started Christmas shopping at the weekend, buying a grand total of two books. That's it so far, trying to hold out until December 1st as that's my kickoff to Christmas : )

  5. Oh you are such an awesome friend Sarah, I'd love a parcel full of peanut butter kitkats! Haha. When I first saw them I was at Alton Towers (there was a shortage in Liverpool for some reason) so I bought about £5 worth, looked a bit crazy.


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