Monday 5 November 2012

Fire in the disco, fire in the gates of hell.

I love Bonfire Night. I adore getting all snuggled up in my warmest clothes and my Hunter wellington boots and sipping from a flask of mulled wine as I gaze at the lights and flashes in the sky. The firework display in St Albans, which I went to on Saturday, is a particularly good one, and attracts huge crowds. It always feels a bit Night of the Living Dead as we walk towards the park in the dark, amidst crowds of shuffling silhouettes with muddy shoes, all heading in the same direction.

Fireworks are one of my favourite things to photograph because of the sheer unpredictability. They never look quite the same through a lens as in person, but inevitably I always end up with a few photos that I love. I mean, this is one of my favourite photographs I've ever taken - even though it was just with a phone camera at Glastonbury, and I was annoyed that the umbrella was blocking my shot (and that's kind of the best thing about it).

It was hell cutting these down - I took over 200 on the night! There's tons more here on my Facebook page though, if you're interested. Did you go to any fireworks this year?



  1. Beautiful pictures (insert ooo's and ahh's) x

  2. great photos! and I know what you mean about taking way too many pictures of fireworks- we took a ridiculous amount on Bastille Day in Paris.

  3. That last pic is sooo cool!! Xx

  4. Ah great photos! I love Bonfire night too, I'm of out in a bit to see some fireworks myself :)
    Daniella x

  5. Lovely! The last shot is gorgeous!

    I was at the local fireworks this evening (pics tomorrow), and made the exact same comparison about the several thousand people shuffling towards us along traffic-less streets. Creepy.

  6. These photos are gorgeous, I love fireworks!

    Maria xxx

  7. Amazing photos - the photos I managed to get were a bit crap, but we were stood under a lamp post and trees so I'll blame that ;) I know what you mean about the hordes of people too! Very creepy...


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