Thursday 29 November 2012

Run, rabbit, run.

Do you remember weeks ago – no, let’s be honest here - MONTHS ago, I wrote about wanting to start running? The evenings were light, there wasn’t too much rain, no ice... the ideal time to start, really. My housemates were even up for the challenge too, and we all enthusiastically downloaded the Couch to 5k app to our iPhones.

Our first run was last week.

Now, I know what you’re thinking, and we’re thinking it too. Why on earth would you start running in NOVEMBER? It’s cold, it’s damp, it’s miserable. Why? It’s something I thought on our last run, as we made our way through drizzle and negotiated slippery pavements. But the thing is, we just didn’t get round to it when the evenings were light and it, y'know, made sense. We've only been 3 times or so, but it's okay so far! A bit of running, a bit of walking... I can kind of handle it. I'm still so new to it, and I'd be lying if I said I was ENJOYING it, but I'm persevering. And I've been putting together my own little running toolbox, which I figured I'd share with you even though to be honest, I really don't know what I'm talking about. Intrigued? Sure you are!

1. A very very good sports bra
When you are as ridiculously endowed as I am, you need a good bra or you'll end up with two black eyes (although even if you are not large chested, a good bra is also very very important). Anyway, this Panache one is AMAZING. If you ever see me out running, ask me to jump up and down for you and you will be IMPRESSED.

I look just like this now!

2. Tracksuit bottoms without holes in
Unfortunately I do not have any of these.

3. Proper trainers
I've quickly discovered that my old aerobics trainers just aren't cutting it for pounding the streets, so I've just ordered these new Mizuno Wave Rider sports shoes c/o Spartoo. I found them in a list of the best women's running shoes, and I'm impressionable like that.

4. An excellent tshirt collection
My favourite is this Glarkware one. Oh, and this Threadless one. And this one. Yes.

5. Music
An amazing playlist is obviously a big old priority - for me, generally a mix of loud rocky type stuff and massive amounts of cheese, because nothing goes together like Marilyn Manson and One Direction - and these sparkly Bassbuds headphones have been keeping me company (if you want some, you can get £5 off with the code BB38491 on their website). Interestingly, I am using the same playlist for the hardcore boring analysis stuff I'm doing at work. I ARE SO PUMPED PEOPLE.

Items mentioned sent to me for review but the running (and opinions) are real! My legs hurt all the time now! HEALTH! I'M NOT MADE FOR THIS!


  1. I discovered I like running (I know, freak, I used to come up with some GREAT excuses for not doing PE at school)
    Agree on the sports bra, it's not nice seeing anyone's bits flying around. Makes me hold mine in horror. ;)

  2. I used the couch to 5k app to start running. I can't say I loved it at first but it gets so much easier so quickly - I never thought I would enjoy running and I still feel a bit weird saying that I do but starting was probably one of the best things I've ever done. x

  3. I like shock absorber bras, they don't budge at all! I also like karrimor running bottoms and tops, I find cotton ones stick as I get sweaty and I get too warm. Proper running t-shirts are good for regulating body temp. Good luck with your running!

  4. My shock absorber bra is good but still doesn't keep them completely supported. I think they may just be too big. I might have to give that panache one a go!

  5. Yay, glad you are getting out and into running! I found that making it enjoyable helps. For me that means doing all the stats afterwards on endless spread sheets (this thrill is very disturbing for me). I also started blogging each run ( depending on what I see - pics etc.
    Good luck!

  6. Looks like you've got a good kit there - I like Shock Absorber RUN bras personally. I can tell you how frustrating it is running past women who are, to put it bluntly, flying all over the place! And if you can run in November (and December!) then you'll be able to run at any time of year : ) x


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