Friday 2 November 2012

Insect nation.

I can't tell if continuing the Italy photos is making me feel better about how cold and miserable it is (remembering how lovely the weather was) or just making me sad and wistful. I'm going to go with somewhere in between. But anyway - more photos! Here is a glimpse of where we stayed - it was such a pretty little villa, and our garden was beautiful. We had an olive tree!

It was LUSH weather out there, really warm without ever being stifling so I pretty much lived in sun dresses. I jumped at the chance to pull this dress out of the depths of my wardrobe - it hasn't been warm enough to wear it this year in England! It's about five years old, from New Look - but even so, whenever I wear it, I always seem to spot other people in it too. Obviously one of those old wardrobe favourites for everyone else, too. It's one of the first dresses I bought, back when I still wore plenty of skirts and - whisper it - TROUSERS.

I wore these Crown & Glory clips loads on holiday too - it's totally fine to wear flowers in your hair on holiday, every day.

If it looks like I have chicken pox of the leg in these photos, it is in fact because I was mercilessly attacked by mosquitoes on this trip. They wanted my blood, and by jove, they got it, especially on this day - we were sitting out in the garden, and they got me. Ohhh, they got me. I am muttering all sorts of swear words about those mosquitoes right now. I hope they suck the blood of someone with some kind of horrific blood disorder that's deadly to mosquitoes and they ALL DIE SCREAMING 'WHY GOD WHY' IN MOSQUITO LANGUAGE. You wanna know WHY, mosquitoes? BECAUSE YOU DISFIGURE PEOPLE. FOR FUN. AND FOOD. You bit me on my face. YOU BASTARDS.

Dress - New Look | Havaianas Flip Flops c/o Spartoo Shoes | Clips - Crown & Glory


  1. I really wan to go to Italy! Beautiful photos. And what a lovely blog :) x

  2. Italy sounds like heaven, the last picture of the house is so beautiful! This is such a cute dress you have on! I'm so envious, I hope to have the opportunity to travel to Italy one day.


  3. italy sounds lush, and great photo's, very jealous of all the sunshine



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