Friday 9 November 2012

One Hundred Dresses.

I'm going to let you into a little secret... last week's Friday Frock was the one hundredth Friday Frock to feature on this blog. It's kind of funny, because I started Friday Frocks with the subject line 'The Lady of the Hundred Dresses' and I've proved that, indeed, I am that lady.

This week does not feature dress 101, though. I've been thinking about it for a while now, and I've decided to stop Friday Frocks at dress number 100. I always knew it had to end somewhere, and sadly, I don't have enough dresses to keep going forever! Setting myself the challenge to feature a different dress every week has been fun, but there have been times when it's encouraged me to shop when I should have been saving money - I've developed quite the Party Dress Problem! FYI: You can totally wear the same dress to more than one wedding. It's FINE.

OBVIOUSLY, that was not the last dress to feature on this blog. I like dresses, you guys. It's my THING. I still wear them pretty much every day, I still buy too many of them, and I still spend approximately 82% of my life looking at dresses on the internet. There will still be outfit posts, although maybe I'll mix them up a bit more - the odd skirt, perhaps? I might even start doing more of a remix thing like Rebecca does, or something. It's just time for a little more variety, I think.

So adieu, Friday Frocks. I really loved you. Come back and visit, won't you?

one | two | three | four | five | six
seven | eight | nine | ten | eleven | twelve
thirteen | fourteen | fifteen | sixteen | seventeen | eighteen
nineteen | twenty | twenty one | twenty two | twenty three | twenty four 
twenty five | twenty six | twenty seven | twenty eight | twenty nine | thirty
forty three | forty four | forty five forty six | forty seven | forty eight 
forty nine | fifty | fifty one | fifty two | fifty three | fifty four
fifty five | fifty six | fifty seven | fifty eight | fifty nine | sixty
sixty one | sixty two | sixty three | sixty four | sixty five | sixty six
sixty seven | sixty eight | sixty nine | seventy | seventy one | seventy two
seventy three | seventy four | seventy five | seventy six | seventy seven | seventy eight 
seventy nine | eighty | eighty one | eighty two | eighty three | eighty four
eighty five | eighty six | eighty seven | eighty eight | eighty nine | ninety
ninety one | ninety two | ninety three | ninety four | ninety five | ninety six
ninety seven | ninety eight | ninety nine | one hundred!


  1. holy crapola on a stick.

    nice dresses though! xo

  2. Boo. BOO.

    (You totally could have done a Friday Trousers thing today, just to freak everyone out)

  3. I can't believe you finally hit the 100 dresses! At least now you have a rough idea of how many you have? I see a pattern emerging.. polka dots and florals?

  4. WOAH that's a lot of frocks!
    Great post though :)
    Daniella x

  5. I NEED your wardrobe! It's amazing
    All of those dresses...heaven
    Must have you taken a while to link to them all too :P

  6. Jeeeeeez, I thought I had a lot of dresses! I can spot a lot of beautiful dresses, you look lovely in red! xo

  7. The funny thing about this is I've been scrolling through and spotting dresses that I have on nearly every row! Haha, we have such great style ;) Not sure I have 100 though... Don't have enough room!

  8. Ah so many pretty dresses! I'm going to miss these posts

  9. oh my gosh I want all these dresses!! they are all so pretty!! xx

  10. I'm gonna to miss this series but I'm so pleased and proud you made it to 100. How amazing are you!


  11. Wow, this is incredible! Kinda sad to have just discovered your blog as your Friday Frock feature comes to an end but looks fabulous together in one post :) Love your illustrations too, glad to have found you. Helen x

  12. So many beautiful dresses! I thought I had a lot but even I don't have this many!

    Maria xxx

  13. congrats on making it to 100! that's amazing!

  14. Booooo! Mix it up a bit and post a dress on a Wednesday instead... Well done on reaching the big 1-0-0 now go buy yourself a pretty dress as a treat xx

  15. you are doing tremendous contribution in making these dresses and exceed it to 100
    knee length party dresses


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